Video – Using Padlet with your learners

I had to do a formative assessment on my Using Technology and Corpora unit of my MA at University of Portsmouth. I couldn’t pick a technology that I was going to write about for one of my marked assessments so here is a bit about Padlet.


2 thoughts on “Video – Using Padlet with your learners

  1. Hi Marc,

    I’m using Padlet a lot this semester in my presentation skills course – more than I expected, actually. I’m really pleased with the comments feature and am looking forward to the multiple padlets feature – apparently in the works for 2017. I just hope it stays free for educators.

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    1. Thanks Vedrana.
      I’m hoping to develop its use for learner autonomy and learner sourced texts. Sadly, the learners I tried it with are a mixed bag and keep links to themselves. Some do, however, post to the padlet.
      If it goes paid I hope they make it less buggy.

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