Publications and Presentations 


2015:  The effects of a Lack of Application of SLA Theory and Research in the Eikaiwa and ALT Industry in Japan. Michinohe MEES Conference, Hachinohe, Japan. 31st May 2015.

2015: Teaching Listening (as opposed to ‘doing’ listening). Saitama JALT Nakasendo, Saitama, Japan. 19th July 2015.

2016: Precision Pronunciation. Tokyo JALT/ Young Learners SIG event. 11th December 2016.

2017: Not Your Brother’s Dungeon Master’s Guide. Saitama JALT Nakasendo, Saitama, Japan. 2nd July 2015.


2016: Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Regarding Listening and Pronunciation in EFL. Explorations in Teacher Development. ETD JALT TD SIG. 23:1 pp. 11-17. (Becomes Open Access in approx Jan 2017)

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